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Kiwire 3.0 Documentation - Quick Setup

Device & Controller Setup Guide - Rocky Linux.


RockyLinux8 can download from here:

Kindly follow the steps at the below:

Linux 1.png

1. Select Install Rocky Linux 8

Linux 2.png

2. Select English > US and Continue

Linux 3.png

3. Select Installation Destination

Linux 4.png

4. Select Custom and Done

Linux 5.png

5. Select Click here to create them automatically and Done

Linux 6.png

6. Select /home and click remove icon

Linux 7.png

7. Select /root and add Desire Capacity to maximum value of storage and click Done

Linux 8.png

8. Click Accept Changes

Linux 9.png

9. Select Software Selection

Linux 10.png

10. Select Minimal Install and click Done

Linux 11.png

11. Turn on network interface and Configure

Linux 11.png

12. Set desire IP for VM and save

Linux 13.png

13. Set root password for the VM and begin installation

Linux 14.png

14. Wait until installation complete and reboot

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