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Popular Topics

Learn how to setup and configure the hardware devices from many popular brands to the Kiwire cloud platform. 

Integrations with 3rd party systems such as MailChimp, Facebook or APIs.

Easily configure the login experience for Wi-Fi clients, with click-through, social login, capture data and more.

Learn how to manage your ads, surveys, smart banner and campaign to interact with your customers.

Once you get your Kiwire Subscription, these are the steps you need to take to be up and running in as fast as a few hours.

The Kiwire Cloud tenant management module let you manage the multi-tenancy of your system.


  • What is Kiwire Wi-Fi Captive Portal and Hotspot?
    Kiwire is a single platform that enables your customers to offer guest or user, Wi-Fi or network access. Using a customizable splash portal, powerful proximity and targeted marketing, advertising, and analytics applications, they can provide an engaging Wi-Fi and network experience. For more information about Kiwire, please click here.
  • What is Kiwire features?
    Kiwire allows you to enable the captive portal functionalities on your devices, so that you can manage guest access to your Wi-Fi. Learn more about Kiwire features here;
  • What is Kiwire Wi-Fi Marketing?
    Wi-Fi marketing is a relatively new marketing strategy for brick-and-mortar businesses. It uses the guest Wi-Fi access point at your place of business. It anonymously monitors the behavior of customers who visit your store – even if they don’t login to your Wi-Fi. Learn more how Kiwire Wi-Fi marketing automation increase user frequency, save at-risk user, and build online reviews at your venue.
  • What is Kiwire Wi-Fi Analytics?
    Kiwire wi-fi analytics allow you to Measure customer behavior, trigger campaigns, and track marketing ROI. Kiwire solution provides analytical tools to help locations optimize operations and improve marketing performance. Wi-Fi Analytics is data captured through Wi-Fi access points that can be used to inform and improve business operations, physical layouts, and marketing initiatives. Learn more here
  • How many of Kiwire's version have?
    Our Wi-Fi solutions packages allow you to quickly and easily find the right set offeatures for your business needs today. Currently, Kiwire have 3 versions which is Kiwire Lite, Kiwire Cloud, Kiwire Premier and Kiwire Enterprise. Each of the versions have their on features and key benefits. Learn more here
  • How to I logging into Kiwire?
    To access Kiwire platform, open your internet browser and type “https://kiwireIP/admin/”. For example if your Kiwire installation IP is then your URL will be “” in the address field. If your assigned domain name is then your URL will be Input the default username and password details provided below and click the “Login” button to login into Kiwire platform. Learn more here
  • How can I find the list of Kiwire interfaces?
    Kiwire's powerful platform seamlessly integrates with existing PMS, Payment Gateway, API Integration, social media, email marketing systems & many more. Learn more about the Kiwire interfaces here
  • Where can I find the supported hardware devices list?
    Our Software Solutions Work with Equipment from these Popular Brands
  • How does Kiwire works with APs?
    Once installed into your AP, Kiwire will let you manage your multi-brand AP network within a single intuitive web page, from which you can get realtime information, health status of your devices and also retrieve the history of users connections to your multiple SSID.
  • How can I install Kiwire into my devices?
    Every manufacturer develops different ways to upgrade their devices. If it's possible, Classic Hotspot will use the same one, otherwise, we will find an alternative one that will be documented in the same devices page. You can find our instrustion in our list, so that you can easily follow them and install our firmware into your device. Learn how to configure your devices into Kiwire here.
  • Currently I am using Kiwire version 2.0. Does Kiwire 2.0 device and controller setup guide same as Kiwire 3.0?
    No. The features and setup guide is totally different with Kiwire 3.0. At Synchroweb, we want to deliver a complete and cutting-edge product. With this in mind, we are constantly expanding our set of features for Kiwire 3.0. Discover what’s new features in Kiwire here. For Kiwire 2.0, you can learn them at here.
  • I have project with my client, how can I get know more information about Kiwire and price quotation?"
    We truly appreciate your business and are grateful for the trust you have placed in Synchroweb. We look forward to continuing our relationship with you in the future, and should you have any questions, how we can serve you better in your project management, please do not hesitate to drop us a note or call. Please contact us at
  • What is Omaya The Data Analytics?
    Did you know that it is possible to obtain and analyse visitor patterns using Wi-Fi? Learn how can you potentially benefits with this wi-fi technology. Omaya was created out of the sole purpose of traffic analysis. Be it the flow of customers passing through a shopping complex looking for their favorite shops, a theme park with guests looking for hyped attractions to a small scale convention event tracking the best booths. Learn more about Omaya The Data Analytics here
  • How many versions of Omaya have?
    Currently, Omaya available in 3 version which is Omaya Retail, Omaya Workspace and Omaya Vision. Omaya Crowd enables you to get the most out of every inch by learning how customers move about and interect within your store and venue. Next, Omaya Workspace enables you to track, monitor and analyze your workspace activity. Meanwhile, Omaya Vision is an entirely separate tech than other editions counterparts by utilizing visual recording and facial/body recognition capabilities when paired with video devices. Learn more about Omaya version at the below: Omaya Crowd - Workspace - Vision -
  • What is Omaya software key features?
    The Omaya platform makes it easy to see how customers move through your facilities and which ones represent the highest value. Here is the key features of Omaya: Catch customer traffic overview and monitor pathing trends Limit for Covid-19 pandemic prevention Highly accurate location analysis using intelligent devices and camera tracking Facial & Body Recognition Available in 3 editions, which is Omaya Crowd, Omaya Workspace & Omaya Vision Learn more about Omaya features here.
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