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Configure Protection on Tanaza devices

To use Tanaza web content filtering by follow these steps:

IMPORTANT: before proceeding, it is necessary to update the Tanaza firmware, in order to avoid problems of integration with the filter.

If you are not registered, please complete the form at this link: Click here to register
Download this file:

1. Open that file, using a text editor like Notepad for Windows OS, and search a string like this one:

2. Change and with your account credentials, for example:

IMPORTANT: You have to replace and with your credentials without the characters < and >.

3. Upload the edited script file ( into any AP you want to use with your web content filtering license.
To do so, connect to the selected AP by SSH (for example, you can use Putty).
Upload the file into the AP with this command (change device_IP_address with the AP IP address):
Windows OS: pscp -scp admin@device_IP_address:/overlay/
Linux OS: scp admin@device_IP_address:/overlay/

If prompted, enter the password tanaza.

4. Enter this command to let the Tanaza firmware execute the file:
chmod +x /overlay/

5. Reboot the AP (e.g. from the Tanaza cloud or powering OFF the device).

6. Now you need to configure the content filter’s DNS (see below) in every AP on which you want to use your filtering license (i.e. every AP on which the script has been uploaded correctly):
Primary DNS server:
Secondary DNS server:

To do that, open your AP settings in your Tanaza cloud account and change the main DNS servers of the AP as shown below:


Alternatively, if you are using an SSID into a NAT, change the DNS servers of the AP as shown below:

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