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Client Windows Configuration


This guide will help you with your FlashStart Cloud software installation step by step.

NB: the following instructions are specifically for Windows 8.1. Other Windows versions might require slightly different procedures.
Many of the following steps require root privileges. Be sure to log into the system as the Administrator.


NB: The Windows Client is only in Italian.

Click here to download the software

» Extract the .zip file onto your computer in the following way:
» Right click on the archive, then Extract All.
» Click on Extract, after choosing the destination path.


2. Install the software as follows:

» Right click on setup and then Run as administrator.
» Press [Next].
» Read the Licence Contract and accept the terms by clicking Accetto i termini di licenza, then press [Next].
» Insert username and password used for registration. If you are not registered yet, just click on the [Registrati] button.
» Choose the time interval for the execution of FlashStart service, or leave the default value and click [Next].
» Click now on the [Install] button.

OPTIONAL: Check Imposta i DNS di FlashStart nel tuo computer to automatically set DNS on the PC or manually configure the following ones on the TCP/IP settings:


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