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To activate Content Filter Cloud with Linksys devices follow these steps:

Register for free, if you aren’t yet, by visiting this link: Click here to register.


Connect to the dashboard by entering the IP address of the Linksys in your browser. Then type login credentials.

First of all you need to change the DNSs of the device. To do that click on the [Connectivity] menu and then open the [Internet Settings] tab.


At this point click on [Edit], next to the Type of Internet Connection voice, and choose the correct type of your connection. NB: In this example we’ll use the Static IP. If you want to use the Automatic Configuration – DHCP, then you need to configure our DNSs on the device with the Server DHCP enabled.

Fill in the field as follow:

– Internet IPv4 address: Type your Public Static IP.
– Subnet mask: Type the Subnet mask of your connection.
– Default gateway: Enter the default gateway (usually the Router’s IP).
– DNS 1: Type the IP
– DNS 2 (optional): Type the IP
– DNS 3 (optional): Let the field empty.

Click on the [Ok] button to save.


Then you need to configure the Dynamic DNS service.
To do that open the [Security] menu and then click on the [Apps and Gaming] section.


Select from the drop-down menu, next to the Select a provider: voice and fill in the fields in this way:

– Username: Type the Content Filter email/username.
– Password: Type the Content Filter password.
– Host Name: Enter

Click the [Update] button to apply the changes and run the service.


After that you can enable the DHCP Server to automatically distribute our DNS on internal network devices.

Open the [Connectivity] menu and then click on [Local Network] tab.
Check the DHCP Server entry, to enable the service, and then configure it with your network paramenters.


Enter the following IPs respectively in the fields Static DNS 1 and Static DNS 2:

Click [Ok] to run the service.


Otherwise you can manually change DNS of various devices that you want to filter.

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