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You can activate the cloud content filter on Bright Bix devices by following these steps:

If you haven’t registered yet, you can do it now for free here: 

Click here to register.

Connect to the dashboard by entering the IP address of the Bright Box in your browser. Then insert your credentials to log in.

First of all, you need to change the DNS of the device. To do that, click on the [Advanced] tab, at the top of the page, and open the [Broadband Settings] menu.


In the window that appears choose MANUAL, under the DNS IP Address item, and insert these IP in the fields Primary DNS and Secondary DNS respectively:


Click on the [SAVE SETTINGS] button to apply the changes.


To configure the Dynamic DNS service, open the [System] menu and click on [DDNS].
Enable the Dynamic DNS item and fill in the fields as follows:

– Provider: Select
– Domain Name: Insert the domain
– Account / E-Mail: Insert the filter’s email/username.
– Password / Key: Insert the filter’s password.
Then click on [SAVE SETTINGS] to save the changes.


After that, you can enable the DHCP server to automatically distribute our DNS to the devices within the network.

Open the [DHCP] menu and enable the DHCP Server item.
Choose a lease time and insert the first and the last IP of the DHCP range.
NB: The DHCP will distribute its unique IP as the only DNS. This will not cause problems since our IPs have been set up as the DNS of the router itself.

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