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Kiwire 2.0 Build 10 [2019-01-02]

[New Features]

  • Email registration required to insert valid domain (domain with MX record) and not in temporary mail list.

  • Captcha and Link (URL) in campaign page.

  • NPS using Facebook review (work in progress).

  • Added welcome snippets functionality that can be displayed for returning users.

  • Added login support using Zalo social network.

  • Bypass device from captive portal (Mikrotik only)

  • Dwell time reporting based on profile.

  • Limited access superuser admin.

  • Added user customization to enable self-design of verification message page.

  • Added “Project to group zones” category in reporting section.

[Bug Fixes / Improvements]

  • Updated Query Cache for static data to improve overall performance.

  • Large table will be splitted by quarterly to maintain database performance for long run

  • Reporting database can be in remote server (for HA)

  • Web push notification (only work for (browser Chrome or Firefox) and (OS Window or Android))

  • Campaign view limited by click or impression

  • Change UI color for dashboard

  • Clear cached button moved to System Quick Fix

  • Zone in login record reporting

  • License page using wrong table

  • Bandwidth usage max at 50 Mbps

  • Cron queue to group locks based on flow / priority to reduce long queue

  • API key to use UUID format

  • Radius filter mac address using Linux command instead of PHP

  • Better HTTPS supports


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