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Device & Controller Setup Guide - Mikrotik Device Configurations for Kiwire Retail

Modules allowed for Kiwire Retail:

1. Configuration > Organisation Profile

2. Integrations > Social Network

3. Device > NAS

4. Login Engine > T&C Settings, Login Journey, Sign Up Page, Notification, Media, Page Maker 

5. Account > Profile, Advance Profile, User, Import User, Bulk User Modification, Auto Reset

6. Campaigns > Campaign Management, Ads Management

7. Reports > Account 

8. Reports > Login

9. Reports > Bandwidth

10. Reports > Campaign

11. Reports > Insight

12. Help & Tools > System Quick Fix

Step to Configuration: In the device configuration, any guide indicated Kiwire IP and URL, please change the info to the Kiwire retail URL and IP as below: URL: IP:

Kindly click button below to download the configuration file:


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