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Change Log - Kiwire 2.0 Build 7 [2017-09-20]

[New Features]

  • Cache Cloud List : Improvement of Cloud ID tenant listing performance.

  • Cache Zone Attributed : Improvement of zone attribute performance.

  • Configuration > Overall : Added campaign tab for campaign behaviour configuration.

  • Integration > LDAP : Added Group to Kiwire™ profile mapping, so each group from LDAP authentication can have its own unique profile.

  • Login Engine > Public Sign up : Added MAC signup function, user can now sign up as public user using their device MAC address option.

  • Login Engine > Page Maker : Added remove background button.

  • Login Engine > Page maker : 30 mins free snippet, for free 30 minutes access, useful for providing trial access to users in public venue.

  • Report > Account Creation : Added new report on account creation.

  • Report > Coupon Impression Report : Ability to view coupon redemption rate over period of time for the the coupon.

  • Report > Overall : Upload and download statistic, direction based on users perspective.

  • User Journey > Status Page : An unique status page that display user’s account usage and profile summary.

  • User Journey > Auto Login : Auto-login on behalf for user and their BYOD devices (Currently only supports Mikrotik & Wifidog NAS)

  • API : Added API key check function for each cloud tenant.

[Bug Fixes & Updates]

  • Reworded “prepaid” to “voucher” in create prepaid page.

  • Removed duplication possibility in voucher creation.

  • API : Interface & permission.

  • Platform : Destroy existing session if new session started.

  • NAS > Wifidog redirect to main login page if there is error detected

  • NAS > Wifidog roaming issue.

  • Report > URL Tracking : Use localtime zone.

  • Report > Dwell Report : Improved accuracy.

  • User CPanel : Load the correct logo for cloud tenant.

  • User CPanel : Use localtime when display date in display.

  • NAS > Wifidog Roaming : Block users from seamless login if being disconnected by admin action user account view.

  • Account > Voucher : View only latest 20 data entries.

  • Account > Profile : Hidden wx_temp profile which is used by wechat.

  • Coupon display using currency set by cloud ID.

  • Tools > Account diagnostic does not update MAC address.

  • User > Pre-login Campaign > Video auto-play (except IOS).

  • Configuration > SMTP Authentication when set to none does not work.

  • NAS Healthcheck send email alert to everyone.

  • Sign up using same field for public & visitor.

  • Report > Bandwidth user up to two decimal point.

  • Error message if Cloud ID contains whitespace during creation.

  • Prelogin default to login page if no journey is assigned.

  • Integration > Radius login using realm.

  • License : Trial period changed to 14 days usage with 60 days temporary data storage.

  • License : System still operates when support date expired.

  • Use http_host for email and guest signup for cross NAT compatibility.

  • Mikrotik sync database with multi tenant option.

  • Login Engine > Journey : Width available page.

  • User Signup > Invalid characters during sign up is now filtered.

  • Redirect users for Wifidog if user is not login.


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