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Change Log - Kiwire 2.0 Build 9 [2018-9-19]

[New Features]

  • Added more options in CPanel: Configuration to personalize your account

  • Added Statistics and Usage History in CPanel: Configuration

  • Configuration options have been improved to help you to manage/configure server connection settings more accurately.

  • New template editor enables you to create custom template designs used by system such as voucher look and feel when printed as well as email, SMS and status messages or mail. (General template module can accessed at Configuration > Template)

  • Password module enables you to customize password requirements during user login. Once all conditions have been met it will connect to captive portal and login to network. This module can be located under Policy > Configuration > Password.

  • New features and functions have been added into each monitoring modules under dashboard, map, rules, status, and check logs respectively.

  • A new supported NAS device has been added for Huawei and Sundray.

  • Line and Kakaotalk are now supported under the list of available social network connections.


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