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Change Log - Kiwire 2.0 build 4 [2017-05-28]


  • rewrite of Reports module (login ~ Logs).

  • fixed reports module to use timezone define by setting.

  • fixed survey engine to use timezone define by setting.

  • integration cloud email provider Madmimi and mailchimp using cloud ID.

  • fix integration Pms oracle opera heartbeat issue causing disconnect every 30 minutes.

  • Santize username when user signup prevent white space.

  • fix dashboard display with timezone.

  • fix help > database > MRO , campaign purge error.

  • fix Ruijie wifidog incoming and outgoing counter.

  • fix forget administrator password failure.

  • fix voucher creation as per Kiwire™ 1.6 method.

  • fix auto suspension of user expiry using local time.

  • fix spelling mistake in reporting “bandwidth”.

  • fix user control panel transaction report by username.

  • fix height display box for error notification on administrator navigation.

  • fix module id in lbs reports.

  • fix module profile advance error.


  • Added column for account summary report.

  • Error message when users login without profile associated.

  • Error message for page maker when slider is not able to save.

  • implement cache for reporting engine via scheduling.

  • Added support for Fortigate security gateway as NAS.

  • Ruijie wifidog counter support for counter(s) as per new firmware requirement.

  • Add NAS via batch.

  • seamless login for Ruijie wifidog access point.

  • support for administrator to login using email.

  • added zone column in reporting.

  • voucher creation need compulsory information.

  • campaign engine support of minutes instead of just hour.

  • if nas device is down more than 30 minutes disconnect all user session.

  • added download transaction to csv file in report transaction.

  • added email synchronisation is 30 minutes cloud email provider.

  • added audit trail log for administrator.

  • added zone login snippet.

  • added log for API request.


  • voucher view as per version 1.6 view

  • added close to database connection engine for stability and performance

  • latest ajax reporting for integration SMS, radius log, visitor self-registration, coupon view, email transaction and SMS transaction

  • enhanced EULA screen


  • insight tab in account view until further notice.


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