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Change Log - Kiwire 2.0 Build 3 [2017-04-28]


  • Admin login with special character.

  • Admin : forget password.

  • PMS, password percentage.

  • NAS : Xirrus on public IP.

  • Cloud management : fix warning when add user.

  • Integration -> PMS : oracle fidelio fixed last name.

  • Integration -> Ldap , authentication failure on rare case.

  • login engine -> page maker guest sign up.

  • Report -> Bandwidth -> top user , Missing username on listing.

  • Report -> Bandwidth , Data missing when apply zone.

  • Report -> login -> Dwell time : fix graph problem.

  • Report -> Login -> Return user, fix error on report.

  • Tools : diagnostic account , bug on user with multiple output.

  • Tools : log purge fail on certain condition.

  • Wechat : Change of authority (COA ) not using UTC time.

  • Campaign : wrong display of ads during time interval.

  • Login Engine : Terms & condition always display.

  • account->user view, Last 10 activity to user local time.


  • Dynamic Menu : operator account will only see menu assign to their role.

  • Campaign : Mobile apps promote or push install.

  • Allow administrator username using email address.

  • Declare multiple {{Page}} tag within a page.

  • NAS : Aruba IAP series.

  • High Availability : Public & Private key for synchronisation of files.

  • Report -> Date format for chart.

  • Tools-> Software update : manual update button.

  • Kiwire™ Software : EULA when administrator login the first time.

  • High availability : Logs.

  • Email verification during login and save.

  • Campaign can now trigger external server using GET request.

  • Pop-up error message due to device down.

  • Zone auto-login snippet.

  • Social login using SSL connection.

  • Email using HTML format instead of text.

  • Generate public key and bind the slave key for HA connection.

  • Database backup moved to non-root folder and using random string for security.


  • Campaign: Random advertisement if there is no sort order.

  • Campaign Ads: full screen display for IAB standard image format.

  • Login page sign up, checking of space when user select username, which cause radius to fail.

  • Kiwire™ API Updated to include new feature.

  • Default : language english if no language selected.

  • NMS: Agent, ping if only valid IP is saved.

  • Changed of Microsoft Login method to use Microsoft Graph instead of OAuth.


  • Report -> real time log, due to nature of multi tenant, real time logs deem security risk.


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