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Change Log - Kiwire 2.0 build 2 [2017-03-15]


  • Dashboard : timezone of date displayed.

  • Integration -> Radius : wrong text for validity.

  • Integration -> SMS: Twillio error handling.

  • Device -> monitoring: bypass check for device if IP address is missing.

  • Device -> Monitoring: zone listing lessen rules.

  • Device -> monitoring -> Agent Ruijie Wi-Fi monitoring.

  • Login Engine->T&C: fix always on function.

  • Login Engine->Page maker -> coupon: path error for image display.

  • Login Engine->Page Maker: load external image from remote site fixed.

  • Login Engine->Page Maker: scan local filename instead global for saving.

  • Login Engine->Guest Login: fix path for login.

  • Report -> Survey report: data display.

  • Report engine: Kiwire™ syslog.

  • Report -> Campaign: click thru was wrongly worded.

  • Report -> Login concurrency partition reporting.

  • Report -> Device availability.

  • Report -> Graph date accuracy.

  • Tools -> Database MRO : fixed download backup.

  • Tools -> service healthcheck for SMS & Email services.

  • Login -> redirection using for duplicate username.

  • Login -> Check for MSAD/LDAP during inactive user check function.


  • More debug log option for user captive portal flow.

  • Account -> User: list suspended account as well.

  • Seamless roaming for Ruijie wifidog Wi-Fi access point.

  • High availability : bi direct synchronization between 2 Kiwire™.

  • Integration -> Microsoft/Office 365 : authentication of user with Microsoft live/Azure/Office 365 services with restriction on allowed domain.

  • Integration -> Microsoft Active directory , added support for Active directory user groups to local Kiwire™ profile mapping functionality.

  • Device -> NAS : FortiAP (Fortigate Wireless) & Controller as NAS.

  • Account -> Profile : check min speed cannot be higher than max speed restriction.

  • Logs : added detail log for zone detection engine to kiwire_userlog.log

  • Logs : updated email services for error tracking

  • Alarm notification on Primary page


  • Mac security : support upper or lower case mac address format.

  • integration -> social network : Added default drop down box in event of no profile available.

  • Device ->NAS Ruijie wifi : support Free profile.

  • Login engine -> Media add support display mp4, pdf, png, jpg, gif and ogg.

  • Login engine->Survet : ability to use ip or domain if host does not have valid FQDN.

  • Login Engine->Page maker : renamed snippet from snippet 1.. to the function of the snippet when mouse over.

  • Campaign -> ADS , support full screen image display for Image media ads on mobile device.

  • Report -> Who is online , disconnect function for Ruijie Wi-Fi.

  • Report -> Bandwidth reporting , extend from GB to MB.

  • Report -> survey : display no data if there is no data available.

  • Detect signup if user use blank username and prompt error.

  • Radius : Fallback , in event of Authorization request packet does not contain NAS-ID, system will use called-station-id as NAS-ID.

  • Social Network : WeChat , for ruijie wifi , user will use default assign profile and granted 5 minutes to complete authentication with WeChat server. For non Ruijie Wi-Fi, user will be granted 5 minutes with temporary profile which have restriction and upon validation change to assigned profile on the fly.

  • Command line apps are set to use UTC timezone.

  • Bypass survey if already answer before.

  • PDO -> MYSQL : added Ping functionality.

  • Agent : ruijie wifi added health capture from Wi-Fi ping.

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