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Integration - Social Networks

The popularity of global communication has made social networks such as Facebook, WeChat and other similar social sites become a source of identity integration. The Kiwire social network integration module enables you to authenticate users with their social network account prior to login system. This is a popular option for public internet access as you are able to gather user profiles instead of sign up page. To access Social network integration go to Integrations > Social Network from the navigation. Popular social network supported are:

  • Facebook

  • WeChat

  • VK

  • Line

  • Twitter

  • Instagram

  • KakaoTalk

  • Zalo

  • Linkedin

How Social Network Module Works?

  1. User will connect to network, captive login screen will be displayed with social login options.

  2. User select social network login and login.

  3. Kiwire will connect to respective Social Networks and perform authentication. Kiwire will perform data pull with user approval for demographic information.

  4. Kiwire will authorized user to login with a selected profiles & policy.


Manage Social Network Integration

To access social network module, click on Integration > Social Network. The social network configuration screen will display, fill in the relevant field with information.

The field and its function description is listed below.
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