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Kiwire 3.0 Administrator - Integration

Integration - Email Marketing


The email module lets you integrate & synchronize Kiwire collected email address with popular cloud e-mail marketing software such as Mad Mimi or  MailChimp. When user sign up using the email will be collected and send to the e-mail marketing system and visitor data record. To add more field to be capture during sign up, please use the visitor record data field to add.

How Email Integration Work? 

  1. User will perform account sign up and login to network.

  2. Kiwire will authorize the user to login to network.

  3. The define profile and policy will be applied to users.

  4. Kiwire will send user’s sign up email address to cloud mail provider.


To access marketing email module, click on Integration > Marketing Email from the navigation. This includes MailChimp and Mad Mimi.



The field and its function description is listed below.


The field and its function description are listed below.

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