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Reports - Accounts

Accounts > Account Summary

The Account summary report provide you a summary overview of your users. It will list the number of the users group by status and number of the voucher accounts. Account Summary Report:

  • No of Voucher User

  • No of Activated Voucher User

  • No of User

  • Total No of User

  • No of Suspended User

Accounts > Account Expiry

The account expiry report will list all expired accounts  and its expiry and interval. Use the date range to search to view the expired account.

Accounts > Voucher Activation

The Voucher Activation reports, will report actual voucher that is activated by detecting if the voucher has been used to login to network. This will provide an actual usage revenue reporting based on usage of the voucher.

Accounts >Voucher Availability

Voucher Availability will report all due expiry voucher, how many been used in the batch when created, which you can search by the date range, this will assist to forecast the availability & voucher inventory.


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