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Integration - PMS : Oracle Micros

The PMS Oracle Micros connector is a dual channel connector for Oracle Opera Front office system. This enable you to let guest/user to login using their room number and password using information provided during check-in process via the PMS (Property management system) software and post charges to the guest folio. This module also let you automatically activate or deactivate the room account based on check-in and check-out information.

How Oracle PMS micros module work

  1. User check-in to the hotel.

  2. Front desk will check-in the guest into Hotel PMS software.

  3. PMS software will send guest check-in information ( name , vipcode , status ) to Kiwire Platform.

  4. Kiwire will perform policy & profile update to the room no account as well unlock the room no account.

  5. User when connect to network will be authorized to connect.

Manage PMS : Oracle Opera Module

To access the PMS oracle module click on Integrations > PMS: Oracle Opera from the navigation. The module configuration screen will be displayed. Fill in the required fields.

* NOTE : You can shutdown the interface by clicking on “Shutdown interface Button”, the “Database Swap Button ” is to initialize database swap / synchronization where it will pull latest information from Oracle Micros


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