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The Kiwire zone module allow you to define zone that group devices and infrastructure setting to logical groups. Each zone can contain any number of devices. A zone is define by grouping of NAS ID, IP address, VLAN and Wi-Fi SSID. A zone can mix SSID with other zone to create a sub zone or you can add more rules to create a master zone such as multiple VLAN, multiple SSID.  Zone allow you to easily manage your network or integrate Kiwire platform into your deployment. Kiwire Zone platform also allows you to apply policy to  limit maximum allowed concurrent login within the zone this is useful if you have limited bandwidth in the zone and only allow the zone to be able to accept a certain connected number of users.

How Kiwire Zone Module Works

Zone are define by mixture of SSID, User’s IP address, NAS device and VLAN, it can be a mixture of any of the item, if a user traffic is define by the zone, it will go thru the specific zone policy created prior to connect to internet. Example zone definition:

Managing Zone Module

To access the zone module, click on Devices > Zone from the navigation. On the zone listing module, you may search for specific zone by using the search field. The field and its function description is listed below.

Add New Zone

To create a new zone, click on the “Create Zone” button. This will create a zone grouping which is empty by default. You will need to use edit the the zone  function to add the zone definitions. On the add new zone screen, please fill in the relevant information and proceed to edit the zone function.

The field and its function description is listed below.

Add / Manage Zone Definition

When you completed adding a zone, you are allow to edit zone definition. To manage the zone definition for the desire zone , click on the edit icon on the zone row in listing. The  edit zone definition screen will display.

Use the add (+) button to add zone definition for selected. A zone is a dynamic grouping of vlan, ssid, or ip address use the add button to add each rule. The format for zone definition are:

  • VLAN : The vlan id in numeric format eg :vlan 100  will be 100.

  • SSID : The ssid of the interface. E.g : ssid wifi1, will be wifi1.

  • NAS ID : The nas identity of the nas devices. E.g : mynas1 will be mynas1.

  • IP : The ip address of user device it can be single ip such as for single ip or for entire subnet.

If you wish to delete the definition click on the “X” icon to delete the rules. When you complete configuring the zone definition click on the “Update” button to save.

Update Zone

To update the zone name changes or apply policy of limit the no of allowed to connect concurrently in the zone. Click on the edit icon for the desire zone you wish to update the zone configuration, you be presented the zone definition screen for the selected zone, click on the “Update” button to access the update screen, on the update screen you are also given the option to change the zone name or policy.


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