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Device & Controller Setup Guide - UBNT Configuration for Kiwire

A. UBNT Controller Configuration Step 1 – Go to Settings > Wireless Network. Create new SSID and apply Guest Policy.

Step 2 – Go to Settings > Profiles. Under RADIUS tab, create new Radius Profile.

Step 3 – Enable both RADIUS assigned VLAN for wired and wireless network and insert the RADIUS Auth Server info. Then enable accounting and interim update. Also insert the RADIUS Accounting Server info.

Step 4 – Go to Settings > Guest Control, enable the guest policy with authentication using hotspot. Set the landing page to redirect to the original URL.

Step 5 – Enable the RADIUS-based authorization under the hotspot. Use the profile that we already created from (Step 3). Select CHAP for the authentication type and enable the Disconnect Request with receiver port 3798.

Step 6 – Add the walled garden IP list under the Pre-Authorization Access.

Step 7 – To enable the bandwidth capping, limit the bandwidth under User Groups.

Step 8 – Edit the index.html file inside the UBNT controller files located under “/opt//data/sites///index.html” with the sample code below.

Step 9 – To view the list of connected users from the UBNT controller, open the Hotspot Manager and go to Guest Panel.

B. Kiwire Configuration Step 1 – Add the NAS according to the info below:

  • Device Type: Ubiquiti

  • NAS Identifier: MAC Address of the UBNT AP

  • IP Address: IP Address of the UBNT Controller

  • Shared Secret Key: The shared secret key same as the key set in UBNT Controller

  • COA Port: 3798

  • Nas Username: The username of site settings

  • Nas Password: The password of site settings

Step 2 – Add the zone. For UBNT, only IP Address, SSID and NAS ID is supported.

Step 3 – Configuration is now complete.


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