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Device & Controller Setup Guide - Ruijie Device Configuration for Kiwire

Ruijie Access Point without MACC

  1. Default configuration for Ruijie AP

  1. Open web browser access the GUI with Username: admin, Password: admin

  2. Go to System > System Mode. Change the AP mode from FIT mode to FAT mode. The device will restart after mode switch.

  3. To change the IP address, go to Advance > VLAN.

  4. We need to create a wifidog template. Telnet into the AP with (password: admin) and run below command: Ruijie#config Enter configuration commands, one per line.  End with CNTL/Z. Ruijie(config)#web-auth template wifidogTest wifidog           <===  wifidogTest is template name, any word is ok Ruijie(config.tmplt.wifidogTest)#ip            <===  ip : kiwire ip address Ruijie(config.tmplt.wifidogTest)#nas-ip           <===  nas-ip: AP ip Ruijie(config.tmplt.wifidogTest)#url      <===  url: portal server authenticate url Ruijie(config.tmplt.wifidogTest)#exitRuijie(config)#wlansec 1                                                   <===  select wlan id Ruijie(config-wlansec)#web-auth portal wifidogTest       <===  apply web-auth template to wlan id Ruijie(config-wlansec)#webauth                                        <===  enable webauth (#no webauth) to disable Ruijie(config-wlansec)#exit Ruijie(config)#exit Ruijie#wBuilding configuration… [OK]

  5. After create the template, enable the wifi to use the wifidog template. Run below command: Ruijie(config)#wlansec 1         <===  select wlan id Ruijie(config-wlansec)#web-auth portal wifidogTest       <===  apply web-auth template to wlan id Ruijie(config-wlansec)#webauth                  <===  enable webauth (#no webauth) to disable Ruijie(config-wlansec)#exit Ruijie(config)#exitRuijie#wBuilding configuration… [OK]

  6. Set the wifi SSID Ruijie(config)#dot11 wlan 1 Ruijie(dot11-wlan-config)#ssid SSID_NAME <=== name your SSID here

  7. Also, enable http redirect to port 80 and port 443 Ruijie(config)#http redirect port 80Ruijie(config)#http redirect port 443

  8. To configure the DNS Ruijie(config)#ip name-server Ruijie(config)#ip name-server

  9. On Kiwire add Nas of the new apLogin to Kiwire, go to Device > NAS. Click Add NAS.

- Fill in the the setup with the following information Device Type : Wifidog NAS ID : AP serial No IP Address : IP address of your AP IP Shared Secret Key :  dummypassword COA Port : 3799 NAS Username : ( Not required ) NAS Password : ( Not required ) Address : location of your AP (optional) Description : remarks for the devices

Ruijie AP Configuration (FAT mode) – Using Web Authentication

Telnet to Ruijie AP (default IP:; Password: admin)

1. Configure the IP address.

Ruijie#conf Enter configuration commands, one per line.  End with CNTL/Z. Ruijie(config)#interface BVI 1 Ruijie(config-if-BVI 1)#ip address Ruijie(config-if-BVI 1)#ip route

2. Create DNS for the AP.

Ruijie(config)#ip name-server Ruijie(config)#ip name-server

3. Configure the SSID.

Ruijie(config)#dot11 wlan 1 Ruijie(dot11-wlan-config)#ssid TEST

4. Enable redirection for http port 80 and https port 443.

Ruijie(config)#http redirect port 80 Ruijie(config)#http redirect port 443

5. Create the template for web authentication.

Ruijie(config)#web-auth template KIWIRE wifidog                        #KIWIRE is the template name Ruijie(config.tmplt.KIWIRE)#ip                               #ip address of the Kiwire server Ruijie(config.tmplt.KIWIRE)#nas-ip                       #ip address of the Ruijie AP Ruijie(config.tmplt.KIWIRE)#url Ruijie(config.tmplt.KIWIRE)#redirect js Ruijie(config.tmplt.KIWIRE)#gateway-id G1KD54G003803        #serial number of the Ruijie AP

6. Enable the web portal on the WLAN interface.

Ruijie(config)#wlansec 1 Ruijie(config-wlansec)#web-auth portal KIWIRE Ruijie(config-wlansec)#webauth Ruijie(config-wlansec)#webauth prevent-jitter 1             #when user disassociated, will send logout immediately

7. To enable the wall garden.

Ruijie(config)#http redirect direct-site

Facebook -

Google -

Google+ -

Twitter -

8. Then whitelist the domain.

Ruijie(config)#web-auth acl white-url

9. Then free URL the domain.

Open your web browser and type in http://kiwire-ip/admin to access your Kiwire admin panel.

Go to Device-NAS and click add NAS to add your Ruijie.

  • Device type is Ruijie WIFI

  • NAS ID is your AP serial number

  • IP address is your Ruijie AP

  • Shared Secret Key is any key

  • COA Port is any port

  • NAS username and password is your Ruijie AP username and password

  • Address is your Ruijie AP location

  • Description is remark of your Ruijie AP

Next, we go to Device-Zone to assign which zone we want to assign splash page. We can assign zone based on NAS ID, VLAN ID, IP address, or SSID. Create a new zone by clicking Create Zone. Put a name to it, Link To User and Limit Connected User can be empty. Then enable the Status.

After that, edit the zone by clicking Add.

You have now successfully completed the configuration of both Kiwire and Ruijie. Next you can proceed to design a landing page, create user profile and create user and assign the landing page to the zone desired. You may refer to the main sections of the Kiwire 2.0 Directory for setting up landing page, user profile, users, and other details of Kiwire.


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