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Device & Controller Setup Guide - Ruckus Wireless vS7 Device Configuration for Kiwire

Ruckus Wireless vS7 Device Configuration for Kiwire

Tested versions:

1. Northbound API

We need to enable the Northbound Portal Interface Support. In System > General Settings, go to Northbound Interface. Enable the Northbound Portal Interface Support. Put username as admin and password firmwara*2

2. Create Hotspot

In Services & Profiles > Hotspots & Portals, create new Hotspot (WISPr). Use external Logon URL point to http://kiwire_ip/user and the Redirected MAC Format as below.

For the Wall Garden, add the Kiwire IP Address and for the social wallgarden.

3. Authentication and Accounting Radius Servers

In Services & Profiles > Authentication, create 1 for Non-Proxy (AP Authenticator). Put Kiwire IP address in Primary Server using port 1812. Set the Shared Secret key.

After that in Services & Profiles > Accounting, create 1 for Non-Proxy. Put Kiwire IP address in Primary Server using port 1813. Set the Shared Secret key as Assigned Secret Key.

4. Create WLAN

In Wireless LANs, create new. Select Hotspot (WISPr) for the Authentication Type, Authentication Options: Open, Encryption Options: None

Under Hotspot Portal, enter the Hotspot (WISPr) Portal, Authentication and Accounting Server you created in step 2 and 3.

Under Radius Options, set NAS ID: AP MAC, Delimiter: Dash, Called STA ID: AP MAC.


1. Login to Kiwire Captive Portal; http://Kiwire_IP_Address/admin

2. Go to Device > NAS and add NAS for Ruckus Controller

Then add another NAS for the Ruckus AP

Note: If you have more than 1 Ruckus AP to use, just add another NAS and modify the NAS ID, IP Address, NAS Username and NAS Password.3. Go to Device > Zone and create a zone for Ruckus. We can assign the zone based on NAS ID, VLAN, IP address, or SSID.

4. After that, edit the zone and click “Add” and add the Ruckus AP MAC address in the NAS ID field.


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