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Device & Controller Setup Guide - Mikrotik Device Configuration for Kiwire

A. MikroTik Configuration

Step 1 – Go to IP-Hotspot, click on the Servers tab and click Hotspot Setup to follow the wizard.

Step 2 – Select which HotSpot Interface network should be running.

Step 3 – Create network segment for the hotspot network

Step 4 – Set DHCP pool for hotspot users.

Step 5 – Select “none” for certificate unless you have a valid SSL certificate installed in Mikrotik.

Step 6 – Set for SMTP server since we are not going to use this for Kiwire.

Step 7 – Set DNS servers.

Step 8 – Set DNS name to hide the hotspot gateway IP or can leave it blank.

Step 9 – Ignore local hotspot user since we are using Kiwire. Proceed with next step.

Step 10 – Go to Server Profiles, double click on the hotspot server created and go to Login tab and tick Login By HTTP PAP.

Step 11 – Go to RADIUS tab and tick Use RADIUS.

Step 12 – Go to User Profiles and double click on the default list and under General tab change the Shared Users to the amount of the hotspot users.

Step 13 – Go to Walled Garden IP List and add 2 new rules for source and destination address which is Kiwire IP.

Step 14 – Go to RADIUS to point Mikrotik to Kiwire.

  • Add new RADIUS and set Kiwire IP and secret key (must match with Kiwire setting later)

  • Click on Incoming and tick Accept and use Port 3799 as COA port

Step 15Download and save this page using mouse right click + “save as”

  • Edit the downloaded login.html with any html text editor (i.e notepad++ etc)

  • Change the URL as shown below

Step 16 – Drag the login.html file to Hotspot folder under Files.

Step 17 – Go to System > Identity and set a unique name for Mikrotik and this will be used later in Kiwire setting.

Step 18 – Success! The Mikrotik hotspot network is now pointed to Kiwire.

B. Kiwire Configuration

Step 1 – You can now proceed to add the Mikrotik into Kiwire NAS.

  • Login to Kiwire web panel and go to Devices > NAS and click Add NAS

Step 2 – Add a new NAS.

  • Go to Device > NAS

  • Set Device Type to Mikrotik in the dropdown option

  • Set NAS Identifier to mikrotik in the input field

  • Set IP Address to the Access Point (AP) IP

  • Set Shared Secret Key to the same key as Mikrotik RADIUS profile

  • Set COA Port to 3799

Step 3 – Configuration is now complete

Step by Step Video Tutorial


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