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Cloud - NAS

A NAS is network gateway equipment that control user access to network. Kiwire is an advanced intelligent AAA with captive portal management platform, NAS will be managed by Kiwire to perform network authentications for users and captive portal. Kiwire are compatible with following popular NAS equipment brands such as: 

  • Aruba

  • Mikrotik

  • Ruckus Scz

  • Zebbra

  • Ubiquiti UAP

  • CMCC

  • Meraki

  • Huawei

  • Fortigate

  • WifiDog

  • Xirrus

  • Chilispot

  • Ruijie Wireless Network Range

  • Nomadix

  • Sundray

  • Other Radius Compliant NAS

The number of NAS device allow to add to Kiwire platform are base on your license purchased. Kiwire is able to unify multiple hardware vendors and legacy networks to a centrally managed WiFi platform.

Manage NAS

To access the NAS module click on Cloud > NAS from the navigation. On the NAS device listing module, you may search for specific NAS device by using the search field.

* Warning : Editing this NAS configuration in this screen will reset the superuser login session cloud id to the edited cloud ID, please re-login to gain back assigned cloud ID.

The listed fields and its meaning are:

Add New NAS Device

Click on “Add New NAS” button to create a new NAS and populate the required fields. Fill in the fields to complete the process. The listed fields and its meaning are:

Video Example – Add New NAS

Import NAS

Kiwire NAS module also come with add NAS devices in bulk function, which provide you capability to add hundreds or thousands of NAS devices at one go. To access it click on the “Import NAS” button. The import NAS from CSV file screen will be displayed.

Please download the sample CSV file template via “Click here to download sample template” link, a sample CSV file will be available for download, fill up the CSV file with your spreadsheet editor upload back to the Import NAS function.

Video Example – Import NAS

Edit / Delete NAS

Click the edit icon on the listing screen to edit the NAS. The edit screen be display which you can edit the setting of the NAS. Click on the delete icon to delete the NAS. A prompt will be display to ask for your confirmation to proceed to delete the NAS. Please exercise with cautions as this not a reversible action.


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