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Change Log - Kiwire 2.0 Build 15 [2019-11-7]

[New Features]

  • Service check scheduler to failover if error occurred

  • Cisco device integration

  • Print graph and data button

  • ChilliSpot device integration

  • FortiGate quota checks scheduler

  • Ruckus split AP and Controller, as well as allow same controller for different tenant

  • Device policy to control profile

  • Spanish language

  • AP real-time statistics using SNMP and Radius session data

  • Function to check for possible fake email address

  • UBNT device integration

  • External database integration

[Bug Fixes / Improvements]

  • Multiple bug fixed for SNMP monitoring.

  • Simultaneous check only done if the profile type is free.

  • Fixed issue when rendering datatable for multiple tables.

  • Facebook integration caused slowness in page loading.

  • Fixed some issue with Aruba device integration to work properly

  • Fixed bandwidth reporting

  • Remove space in username for cookies autologin


  • Most of data for reporting now using AJAX request for better user experience

  • Reversed survey page generation from page maker to hard code due to error during data collection

  • Update smart banner libraries to the latest version


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