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Captive Portal User Error Code Diagnostic

Error Code (500)

1) ERROR: NAS not configured NAS was not properly configured in Kiwire or NAS identity are not defined in AP or device not supported. 2) ERROR: There is an internal error. Please re-connect your device to APServer cant locate user information, might be due to:

  • CNA trigger Safari

  • User device not support cookies

  • User wrongly redirected

3) ERROR: Your trial license has expired, please contact our Sales Representative Trial license has expired beyond its allocated active duration.

4) ERROR: No page allocated Missing page from database, maybe page has been deleted and login journey has not been updated.

5) ERROR: MAC Blocked: you are not not allowed to connect to this device MAC address has been blocked.

6) ERROR: You are not allowed to access this module or WeChat login is disabled or wrong implementation. Module has been disabled by the administrator.

7) Email Us: Click and Email form will display.  Users are allowed to email feedback. The email will be issued to our Tech team.

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