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Omaya 3.0 Administrator - Analytics


Benchmark analytics provide an overview comparison among all your venues. It will display the total device and average record of total pass by, total visit, total engaged, trend comparison with previous week and the conversion from total visit to engaged for the date range selected. To access the benchmark module click on Analytics > Benchmark from the navigation. On the benchmark listing module, you may search for specific benchmark by using the search field.


The field and its function description is listed below.

The Weekly Date / Hour activity heat map provides a graphical representation of your total venue  and average total pass by, total visit, total engaged, total dwell time and conversion rate in an easy to glance reporting format. The heat map are color coded by gradient from Red being the highest user detected to White where its lowest user detected.

Total Engaged


Total Pass By


Total Visit


Total Dwell Time


Total Dwell Time

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