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Kiwire 3.0 Administrator - Marketing & Campaigns

Login Engine - Template

The template editor enables you to create custom template designs used by system such as voucher look and feel when printed as well as Email, SMS and Status messages or Web Push Notifications. To access the template module click on Login Engine > Template from the navigation. On the template listing module, you may search for specific template by using the search field.


The field and its function description is listed below.


Click on “Add Template” button and populate the required fields. Fill in the field with relevant information to complete the process.


The field and its function description is listed below.


Click the edit icon on the listing screen to edit the template. The edit screen be display which you can edit the setting of the template. Click on the delete icon to delete the template. A prompt will be display to ask for your confirmation to proceed to delete the template. Please exercise with cautions as this not a reversible action.


The template editor enables you to put in variable placeholder within the template and Kiwire™ platform will replace the variable with actual value for the specific users when the content is generated.

e.g :
An example will be Hello {{username}}
content generated will be Hello John, when the user John accesses the account.

Variables Available for Email Verification Sign Up

Variables Available for Sponsored Verification

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