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Policies - Dynamic Bandwidth

The dynamic bandwidth module is an fair usage policy bandwidth usage bandwidth module. Many ISPs use a Fair User Policy (FUP). This means if NAS or zone have lower traffic all user will get a higher bandwidth and when the at peak hour all user will be to a lower bandwidth limit. We’ve moved this idea on to a different level and made it as configurable as it can be. To access the dynamic bandwidth module click on Policies > Dynamic Bandwidth from the navigation.

The field and its function description is listed below.

Add Bandwidth Rule

To add new bandwidth rule, click on the “Create Rule” button and populate the required fields. Fill in the field to complete the process.

The field and its function description is listed below.


Assume you have a zone call “Zone A” and you wish to allow users at Zone A during Peak hour (more than 20 users) to have 5 MB cap and during non peak to be 10 MB:

  1. Create 1 profile with 10 MB and assign your user with the 10MB profile.

  2. Using dynamic bandwidth, create a rule with the following value.

    • Apply to : Zone

    • Zone : Zone A

    • Trigger : 20

    • Priority : 1

    • Download Cap speed : 5 MB

    • Upload Cap Speed : 5 MB


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