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Change Log - Kiwire 2.0 Build 0

  • Platform : expanded industry type category into organisation setup as per 802.11u base for WBA WRIX-L (wireless roaming intermediary exchange for location).

  • Platform : change cloud tenant password display masked.

  • Platform : added memcached engine to user custom generated page for optimised and fast rendering.

  • Device monitoring : added wifi access api , display total received and send by Wi-Fi access point & load.

  • Zone monitoring , monitoring based on zone beside by NAS/device.

  • Dashboard : bugfix on 24 hour activity.

  • integration : Radius, rewrite : support local profile override as well as proxy carry forward profile. Added keyword or tag check from radius response for profile grouping check. refer to documentation for more info.

  • Zone restriction function : added to integration (radius , active directory, LDAP, social network, sms , pms).

  • Bulk user manager , added phone no on export.

  • Page maker : added email verification sign up snippet, user can signup and given 5 minute access to verified the email to complete the sign up process.

  • Page maker : added forget password (based on user profile , sms or email option).

  • Page maker : radius login snippet.

  • Page maker : sponsored login via email snippet.

  • Page maker : public sign up snippet.

  • Page maker : sms signup snippet.

  • Page maker : various button snippet.

  • Page maker : coupon snippet.

  • Page maker : survey snippet.

  • Page maker : added box picture snippet.

  • Page maker : buy plan snippet.

  • bugfix : Reports & analytics engine for date format.

  • bugfix : SMS API.

  • bugfix : applied default tenant id to PMS socket api for backward compatibility.

  • bugfix : oem logo placement.

  • bugfix : wrong notification on exceed volume quota.

  • DB API : added db is alive ping.

  • wifidog API : optimised volume detection.

  • platform : remove link to google fonts.

  • Account diagnostic , change engine from radtest to radius client.

  • CLI tools : added support incident log collector to /tmp.

  • Removed : feature license key , for now Kiwire™ will have only onsite / hosted , multi or single tenant editions.

  • Campaign & Ads manager , simplified verification and approval , if single admin , its auto approved by default if more than 1 admin for the cloud id , approval process is required, default edit/add campaign & ads will be disabled till approved.

  • Reports & analytics : added coupon redemption report.

  • Reports & analytics : login history support same day and archive reporting.

  • accounts : updated integration profile to have SMS, radius, email beside PMS, MSAD and internal.


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