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G2 Gateway


User Guide

1). Overview

  • Installation overview


G2 Installation Overview


The Mimosa G2 Gateway is an elegant and compact Wi-Fi Gateway that simplifies in-home managed broadband delivery. Designed to easily install directly into an AC wall plug, the Mimosa G2 also provides integrated Power over Ethernet for powering Mimosa C5/C5c PTMP client premise devices. 

  1. Follow Accessing the Interface.

  2. Follow Logging In.

  3. See User Interface Overview for general information.

Accessing the Interface

- Accessing the Graphical User Interface


Accessing the graphical user interface (GUI) requires that the radio first be connected to power. The GUI can be accessed in two ways to facilitate set-up and management.

  1. Through the 2.4 GHz SSID and password printed on the top of the device.

  2. Through the local Ethernet interface (LAN).


Once connected, type into your browser and enter the password printed on the top of the device to access the management interface.


Logging In

After connecting via one of the access methods, the GUI will prompt you to log-in with a password.  A unique password is printed on a label on top of the device. The password can be changed within the Preferences > General > Set Password panel of the GUI


If you are looking for the Mimosa Cloud Log In process, please see Manage User Guide: Logging In.


User Interface Overview


When you first log in, you’ll notice that there is a title bar with the Wireless Mode shown in the top-right corner, a navigation pane on the left, and a large content pane on the right. The default page shown in the content pane is the Dashboard, which shows a summary of overall performance at a glance, and highlights parameters that affect device health.


On the left navigation pane, there are four prominent sections: Overview, Configure, Monitor, and Admin. Each of these sections contains one or more links to pages containing task-related data, controls, and tools used to administer the device. You can return the Dashboard at any time by clicking on the Dashboard link in the Overview section.


The pin in the top corner of the left navigation pane allows you to “pin” open the navigation menu for easier access. Else, the menu contracts to provide more workspace within the GUI.


2). Dashboard


Dashboard Overview


The Dashboard


The Dashboard shows the connection state and the throughput in both directions. Click on the More Info and Details buttons to show more information about the Internet and client connections.

When Service Monitoring is enabled, the loss of connectivity to the CPE radio, DNS Services or Service Provider gateway will cause the WAN LED to flash red and display the appropriate Link State Error.


Example dashboard for a good internet connection.


Example dashboard during loss of internet connectivity.


3). Configure

4). LAN


5). WAN


6). Routing


7). Services

8). DHCP 


9). Security


10). Monitor


11). Admin

12). Troubleshooting Guide


13). Firmware 


14). Using the Mimosa App without G2

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