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Client - User Guide



Accessing the Graphical User Interface

Accessing the graphical user interface (GUI) requires that the radio first be connected to power. The Power over Ethernet (PoE) connection process describes the steps to do this. Note that the GUI will be available approximately one minute after applying power.

The GUI can be accessed in two ways to facilitate set-up and management.

  1. Through the local Ethernet interface (LAN)

  2. Remotely through the AP wireless link


Via Ethernet interface or in-band through the AP link

By default, the device IP address is and can be accessed via the Ethernet port using this IP address in any standard Web browser. To access the device via a locally connected computer initially (on the same LAN or directly to the Ethernet port), the computer’s IP address must be on the same subnet as the above address. Once you have modified the IP address (static or is DHCP) of the device for remote management purposes (in-band over wireless or over the Ethernet interface), the new specified IP address must be used to access the device.


In addition to the C5 default IP of, Mimosa has introduced a new, persistent fallback IP address of This non-routable IP address is always reachable regardless of a manual or DHCP assigned IP address to C5. It is recommended to this new persistent IP address when using auto-provisioning to prevent loss of connectivity to the C5. Most laptop DHCP clients will default to an IP address in this subnet, improving the ease of connectivity to an un-configured C5 unit.

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