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Kiwire 3.0 API Documentation - Zone



Use POST method to create new subordinate resources.

Example request URIs

[POST] https://{{kiwire_ip}}/api/zone/ Parameters Required

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Use PATCH method is to make a partial update on a resource. 

The differences between PATCH and PUT, PUT method also modify a resource entity but PATCH method is used for partially updating an existing resource. PUT should be used if you are entirety replacing a resource.

Example request URIs

[PATCH] https://{{kiwire_ip}}/api/zone/{{id}}/ Parameters Required

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Use DELETE method as the name applies to delete resources.

Example request URIs

[DELETE] https://{{kiwire_ip}}/api/zone/{{id}}/


Use GET method to retrieve resource information only and not to modify it in any way.

Example request URIs

[GET] https://{{kiwire_ip}}/api/zone/ [GET] https://{{kiwire_ip}}/api/zone/{{id}}/ [GET] https://{{kiwire_ip}}/api/zone/{{offset}}/{{limit}}/{{column}}/{{order}}/

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For GET method, if {{offset}}, {{limit}}, {{column}}, and {{order}} not provided then Kiwire will return default value eg : https://{{kiwire_ip}}/api/zone/0/10/id/desc/

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