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Analytics - Venue Maps

Venue Map

The venue map analytics will provide you Heat map of user movement and crowd density of the selected venue floor plan. Depend on the number of sensor deployed you can have a zonal heat map or presence heat map. The presence heat map provide heat map of user density nearby the Wi-Fi AP while Zonal Edition uses triangulation method between all the sensor Wi-Fi AP and display the density of user within the venue. click on the view button to view the map. The heatmap will playback the crowd movement (Zonal Edition) or density only for presence.


The default screen will provide the listing of all the venue and its map.

Picture 302.png

Venue Heat Map Analytics

The venue heat map page includes a “playback” function – by pressing the show  button, it will playback to see how the user crowd density changes throughout the course of the day. It will show the total of unique visitor, average dwell time, repeat visitor and trend comparison of the selected venue and a day before that in percentage. Dates can also be selected to playback crowd density on selected date.

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